Welcome to CALUZE!

We are wholesalers of fresh fish, working in Lisbon and Oporto.


We sell fresh fish from all the Portuguese coast and some imported species of aquaculture in wholesalers markets and directly to supermarkets and restaurants.


CALUZE first concern goes for the quality of its products and strict compliance with the hygienic-sanitary requirements, so we are one of the first companies to have the HACCP system certified by an external entity.


If you have a business proposal (as seller or buyer) please use the following contacts:


CALUZE, Comércio de Pescado, Lda.

Address: MARL, Mercado Abastecedor da Região de Lisboa, Pav. R 07-130, 2660-421 São Julião do Tojal

Telephone/Fax: +351 219 929 151

E-mail: geral@caluze.pt


Or contact us directly to: Carlos Baptista - +351 93 222 000 2 - c.baptista@caluze.pt


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For more information, please contact us: geral@caluze.pt.